Cast & Crew

Anna Landreth (as Petra & Aiona)
Petra unexpectedly becomes the host to Aiona, an alien entity from an advanced civilization called The Magnate. Unbeknownst to her, it’s both a gift and a nightmare.
Pre-Screening Interview
Post-Screening Interview

Warren Bub (as Lieutenant Willets)
Lieutenant Willets is a widower and loving father to Petra and father-in-law to Detective Tomsun. Nearing retirement, Willets’ experience is put to the test when her daughter’s life is threatened.
Pre-Screening Interview

Roman Limonta (as Detective Tomsun)
Detective Tomsun is Petra’s husband and son-in-law to Lieutenant Willets. Tomsun’s training never prepared him for the threats his family has to fight off.
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Kristin Bellamarie (as Reporter India Gallos & Voice of Ambulance Dispatcher)
India Gallos is a determined reporter to get the “big story”, but manages to keep important things in life in mind.

Kate Gunther (as Milla & Scionese)
Milla is Petra’s best friend and proves to be much more than anyone would have expected.

Rebekah Tadros (as The Premiere & The Obsidian Omega)
The Premiere is the leader of The Magnate. During extreme conditions, The Premiere’s true power is revealed.
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Patrick Shane (as The Regent)
The Regent coordinates defense of The Magnate. Even with lots of power, his plans don’t always go as planned.
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Alexandra Hoffman Beechko (as The Obsidian)
The Obsidian is one of the few remaining elite Obsidian Sect of the Iron Maidens. Though few in number, one can defend an entire planet or destroy it.

Marisa Brau (as Assassin Thana Prime)
Thana Prime is the most powerful of the Thana Sect of the Iron Maidens. Thanas aren’t as powerful as The Obsidians but are specialized in covert operations. Thana Prime has a sudden change in priorities.

Jenna Conroy (as Assassin Thana Sec)
Like Thana Prime, Thana Sec’s outlook has changed but her overconfidence could be a major flaw.
Post-Screening Interview

Staphanie Alvarez (as Assassin Thana Terc)
Thana Terc isn’t as direct as those above her but just as dangerous.

Brooke Mullen (as The Obsidian Epsilon)
The Obsidian Epsilon defends the transport portal at the outpost at Chin Hua. Though capable of carrying out her duties, the fate of the post suddenly changes.
Post-Screening Interview

Neyssan Falahi (as Citizen Noroth)
Given with the task of giving a message to The Obsidian Epsilon, Citizen Noroth arrives in Chin Hua unprepared for what to expect.

Jess Adams (as Quaazen Enforcer 1)

Oz Samur (as Quaazen Enforcer 2)
Joseph Villapaz (as Voice of Police Officer)
Candace Bryant (as Milla [trailer])
Maria Merlino (as Assassin Thana Prime [trailer])
Vanessa Bontea (Host- New York City Premiere)
Victor Gaspar (Camera – New York City Premiere)
Post-Screening Interview

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